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...Frequently Asked Questions...



We understand you have questions.  

Here, we've tried to answer the most commonly asked questions.  

While we understand that every catering is unique and weddings are especially unique.  

We've created some guidlines so that we are consistent for the best interest of you and your guests.

1.  When do you arrive?  


We generally arrive 2 hours prior to your serving time.  There may be instances where we need to arrive earlier to be set up and in place prior to the event taking place, such as a Wedding Ceremony.  In this case, additional charges may apply, due to an earlier arrival with extended hours.

2. When do you leave?  


We generally leave about 1-1/2 to 2 hours after serving your guests.  There may be instances where we stay later, due to the type of event, such as a wedding, or in the case of hired Buss staff or late nigh food & beverage service. 

3. Do you offer a discount for my vendors? i.e. Photographer...ect  


Southfork provides a discount for your vendors.  Vendors will be served on a disposable plastic plate with disposable plastic utensils.  Vendors generally go through the buffet line, "after all guests.  In the event a vendor is a friend or invited guest and require a place setting ~ they will be charged at full price.

4. Do you offer a discount for children?  


We will discount Children from 4 - 10, by $5.00 off the regular menu price and $10.00 off Wedding Package price.  All children must be accompanied by an adult through the buffet line.  "Infants" not requiring a seat or place   setting do not need to be included in the guest count.

5. Can we make some of our own food and put it on the Buffet? 


No.  We do not allow outside or home-made food on our Buffet tables.

6. How do I reserve a date for catering services?

Your date is reserved upon receipt of Date Reservation Deposit and a signed Customer Service Agreement.  We do not hold dates with out a deposit.

7. How long is my Proposal good for?  

Proposals are valid for up to 30 days, as long as the date is still available.  

8. Do you have a License and are you Insured ?  

Yes, absolutely.  Southfork holds a valid Catering License, Business License and Insurance

9. Do you have a minimum number of guests you cater for?

Yes.  We have a guest minimum. 

January - March:  75

April - December:  75 guests, Sunday - Thursday, 100 guests on Friday and Saturday

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